Relay is for all strengths, speeds, paces and faces. Relay training program combines strength and running (or walking) to help you be your best– one day at a time.
Relay Members can choose any workout to attend during the month. Workouts are 45-50min.

What to bring? 
MWF: dumbbells w/ rubber heads only, recommended weight: 10-40lbs. Mat and water bottle.
TTh: running shoes and water bottle.

5 days a week, 6AM–

Mondays Strength @AustinPickleRanch
Strength training using dumbbells & body weight. Additional equipment provided.

Tuesdays Run: Track @AustinHighTrack
Cardiovascular interval training. All speeds.

Wednesdays Strength + Agility @AustinPickleRanch
Low-impact modifications provided.

Thursdays Run: Endurance @AustinPickleRanch
Structured runs or walks. All paces. Routes are outlined w/ different pace groups, starting & ending at APR.

Fridays Strength + Cardio @AustinPickleRanch
Combo of strength and cardiovascular training. Sometimes we play games. Occasionally we switch it up w/ yoga or mobility, we'll let you know if that's the case. 

Training Program FAQs–

Can I choose any day I want?
Yes. Relay is your workout club, whether your focus is on strength or running or anywhere in between. Your Relay membership gives you access to ANY of our workouts.

I'm not fast, should I do the track workouts?
Yes. Track workouts are cardiovascular interval training. Some folks are sprinting, others might jog/walk. With different speed groups, the workout is designed to find your gears– and we work from there.

I have sensitive knees, will the agility or endurance training bother me?
We can modify anything. You can do low-impact movement and still gain the benefits of agility training. For endurance runs, walking is a great alternative, and you can follow the 'run' workout structure by varying your walking speed.

Can I store my dumbbells at Austin Pickle Ranch?
Yes. Talk to Jordan and Will to confirm dumbbell storage.

What happens if it rains?
We workout on the 3rd Floor of the garage at APR. For Relay Run days (TTh), we run in the rain but if it's raining too hard or it's raining and cold, we'll hold the workout in the APR garage. Members are notified of any location change due to weather.