Relay members can choose any workout to attend. View workout schedule.


Earn a token for every 4 workouts you complete. Tokens can be redeemed for a–
• free additional Relay workout - 2 tokens(limit 2 total workouts redeemed each month)
• free coffee card to Mañana - 1 token (limit 4 coffees each month)
• $15 off card to Sway - 2 tokens (limit 2 cards each month)
• $5 credit toward Relay gear - 1 token (limit 1 token per gear item)

Tokens roll over each month w/ active memberships. Total tokens earned can be found on your Relay card. Redeem tokens by tapping Pass Details (...) on your card. Redemption options subject to change each month.


Can a friend use some of my workouts if I don't use them all?

Yep. Unused workouts each month can be gifted to a friend. Your workout total resets at the end of the month and does not rollover, so gifted friend workouts count toward your monthly workout total. For example, Sarah is on the R12 membership and can only make 10 workouts in March– Sarah can gift her friend Ben 2 free workouts in March.

How do I gift some of my workouts? 

Open your Relay card, tap the share button and send to your friend! A link will be forwarded to them to register for their friend pass. Make sure you let them know how many workouts they can attend that month! They will get their own Relay card (Friend Pass) with you listed as their friend. If they signup for a membership, you'll get $10 credit toward your next month's membership payment. R+ members get a total of 12 workouts to gift to a friend or friends each month.

Friend passes can only be gifted to non Relay members and 'new to Relay' friends. If a friend has used a Friend Pass before, they are not eligible.

Membership Perks–

• discounts to local businesses
• priority access to events, community workouts, and 'limited spot' workouts

Membership can be cancelled anytime. There are no refunds. For questions, email

Membership FAQs–

Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. There are no refunds. If you downgrade, that will go into effect your next term (month or year).

Can I pause my membership?
Yes, you can pause anytime. Email to pause your membership. Please give 48hrs notice.

How do I cancel my membership?
Email and we'll cancel your membership. Please give 48hrs notice.

Do my friend's workouts count toward earning tokens?
No. Only workouts you complete earn you tokens. 

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