30 for 30 Challenge

Relay x On : 30 for 30 Challenge

30 min of movement or mindfulness for 30 days straight.
Compete as a team of 4 or as an individual.
Challenge finishers are entered into a raffle to win a new pair of On shoes. 

Start any day between Jan 1st through the 11th and go 30 for 30.

It's free! Join here

30 for 30 Challenge Rules–

• form a team of 4 or compete as an individual
• complete 30 min of movement or mindfulness for 30 days straight– this can be a workout, walk, reading, cooking, anything with your intention set on your physical or mental health.
• track your activity via Relay challenge card, share your card or a workout pic on Instagram and tag @relay.mov, @on, and your teammates (share privately if you choose by shooting a DM to @relay.mov)
• complete at least 20 days out of 30 (doesn't have to be 20 days straight) and you're entered in a raffle to win our challenge prizes
• complete 30 days straight (30 for 30) and you're entered in a raffle to win our grand prize– a new pair of On shoes for 8 grand prize winners.
• if all team members complete 30 for 30 and just one team member's name is chosen as a winner, the entire team wins new On shoes. Greater chance of winning if the team completes the challenge.

Challenge FAQs–

• It can be any workout? Yes, a Relay workout, your own workout, whatever. Move for 30min or more.
• Do I have to take a workout picture and post it everyday?  I do love a story or post and tag– even every day. And so does On. And so do your teammates for added accountability ;). But you do not have to. You can track your activity via Relay Challenge card and post it every few days tagging @relay.mov and @on. You can also just DM me if you don't want to share publicly.
• But I'm not on instagram? That's ok. You can also post on Strava and add me as a friend: Relay
. Or email/text me your progress.
• If 2 members of our team go 30 for 30 but the other 2 only get 20 workouts in, can we all still win shoes? Only members of your team that go 30 for 30 qualify to win shoes.
• So if I miss a day, I'm not out? No! It's about consistency, but life happens. If you miss a day, you can still win one of our challenge prizes by completing at least 20 out of 30 days. Keep going!
• When will winners be announced? We'll draw winners Feb 9th. If you start the challenge on Jan 11th, Feb 9th is the final day to get your 30 for 30 and qualify for the raffle.

30 for 30 Challenge card–